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Granular Algaecide

GreenClean is a multi-purpose granular algaecide formulated to kill algae, scum and molds on contact. It works through a powerful oxidation reaction and can be used on floor surfaces (concrete, gravel or dirt) as well as in irrigation ponds for algae control.

GreenClean for Greenhouse and Nursery
GreenClean's granular particles are designed to be spread under greenhouse benches, on walkways, ground cover mats or any hard-to-reach areas of the greenhouse.

GreenClean for Ponds
GreenClean is also labeled as an aquatic algaecide. maintaining clear, algae-free ponds is not only important for aesthetics, but for disease control if the pond is used for irrigation. GreenClean's chemistry is extremely effective for the treatment and prevention of algae in ponds, streams, irrigation systems, ornamental pools and fountains.

  • GreenClean is excellent in congunction with beneficial bacteria products.
  • GreenClean will not affect or discolor concrete or synthetic liners.
  • GreenClean does not harm fish or aquatic life.

Do not tank mix with aquatic herbicides or algaecides containing copper or bromides. Also apply GreenClean at least one day prior to the application of these products. Use of dyes and biological products after GreenClean application is recommended.

Only the 2 lb and 8 lb sizes can be sold in the state of New York.

221801 GreenClean, 2 lbs (2.3#)                   $17.95
221811 GreenClean, 2 lbs, 12 qts/cs (29#)        $201.90
221821 GreenClean, 8 lb pail (9#)                 $47.90
221831 GreenClean, 8 lb pail , 4 pails/cs (36#)  $157.90
221841 GreenClean, 20 lbs (24#)                   $79.90
221861 GreenClean, 50 lbs (53#)                  $145.00


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