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Pest Pistol

The Pest Pistol can be used to apply dusts such as boric acid, diatomaceous earth and pyrethrum powder to insect hiding places. Includes a pointed applicator tip to reach cracks and crevices. Quick and easy to fill just dip the accordion applicator into product to be applied. Holds about 1/2 lb. An interior filter helps prevent clogging, If powder clogs duster, sharply tap base of duster opposite the nozzle on a hard surface. The pest pistol is made from plastic so it won't rust.

Can be used in two ways:
1. Invert duster for light crack and crevice applications.
2. Hold upright for wide dispersion in wall and ceiling voids.

216601  Pest Pistol, 8 oz hand duster (.3#)    $9.55

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