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Restores & Promotes Healthy Soil Eco-Systems

Eco-Boost is a concentrated complementary blend of naturally occurring microbes and plant-derived extracts that restore and enrich the biological components necessary for healthy soils and plants. Evidence has shown that this specialized liquid amendment invokes internal responses in plants that help strengthen them, making them more resistant to many environmental stresses. Plant applications benefit from this proprietary blend of natural compounds that address and alleviate many problems and promote plant vigor and healthy growth.

Eco-Boost contains endo/ecto mycorrhizae, the finest North Atlantic sea kelp, and associated microbes to increase effective plant symbiosis.

Eco-Boost contains no animal, yard, or food wastes. Liquid concentrate will not burn or damage plants. Children and pets can play on the lawn as soon as the applications have been completed. Professionals rely on Eco-Boost for their Gardens and Nurseries; Agriculture and Turf; Orchards and Vineyards.

  • Increases plant utilization of stored or applied soil fertility
  • Increases biological activity in the soil
  • Enhances plant growth, flowering and fruit production
  • Increases drought resistance in plants, trees and turf
  • Enhances rhizosphere microbial populations, reducing plant susceptibility to disease
  • Increases carbon and nitrogen cycling

    Recomended application rate:
    1qt. treats up to 3,000s.f

    New Turf Installation
    Apply Eco-Boost at fifteen-day intervals for 6 to 8 weeks after seed or sod installation. During seasons of high disease pressure or adverse environmental conditions use more frequent applications of 7 to 10 day intervals.

    Turf Maintenance
    Apply Eco-Boost once a month for three months during the Spring and Fall. Eco- Boost will help with Spring greenup, and end of season applications provide plant probiotics to help improve winter survival.
    During seasons of high disease pressure or adverse environmental conditions use more frequent applications of 7 to 10 day intervals.

    New Plant Installation
    Drench root zone with Eco-Boost once per week for the first month after plant installation. Use a spray application for perennial and annual beds weekly for the first month after installation. Follow maintenance rates after the first month.

    Plant Maintenance
    Drench root zone with Eco-Boost once in the Spring and again in the Fall.

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