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Mosquito Barrier

Mosquito Barrier Mosquito Barrier kills and chases mosquitoes, ticks and fleas out of your yard and away from your house immediately upon spraying and keeps them out for 2 to 4 weeks, sometimes longer. Its lasting effects are shortened by excessive rain and humidity. It is often effective though 2 to 3 rain storms. Occasionally two sprays are sufficient for an entire summer. The Garlic odor disappears in about 30 minutes. Mosquito Barrier is a very strong Liquid Garlic that is diluted in water and sprayed on grass, shrubs, flowers and into any trees in the area. One quart of Mosquito Barrier may be enough for the average lawn for the entire mosquito season. One gallon covers 5 acres or covers 1 acre 5 times and is all natural with no harmful chemicals or poisons.

How Mosquito Barrier Works:
Mosquito Barrier is a very strong liquid garlic made from very potent garlic cloves. Garlic has a natural sulfur which deters insects, including mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. Garlic juice has been used for over a hundred years on garden plants to keep insects away. It's the sulfur that the insects don't like.

When first sprayed, the natural sulfurs in the Mosquito Barrier kill the mosquitoes which are struck by the spray, afterwards any mosquitoes entering the area detect the garlic sulfurs and avoid entering the area. It also works for keeping ticks and fleas from you yard.

The best time to spray Mosquito Barrier is in the morning 8:00 am and 11:00 am or late in the after noon such as 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Avoid spraying in the heat of the day, do not spray if rain is predicted with 48 hours.

Mosquito Barrier may be mixed with vegetable oils in addition to the water. Example: Three ounces Mosquito Barrier with two ounces Soybean Oil (or Canola Oil) per gallon of water. Mixing Mosquito Barrier with vegetable oils help it coat any standing water in the area with a very thin film of natural oil, including some garlic oil which is present in the garlic juice. This oil suffocates the mosquito larvae which are developing in any standing water. If you have no standing water - just spray the Mosquito Barrier diluted in water without any oil at all.

Mosquito Barrier is designed to be sprayed on all foliage including under sides of leaves and standing water in a specified land area (yard), including all grass, shrubs, weeds, trees (spray up to 10 feet in trees), and any standing water, such as old tires, cans, depressions in the earth and under porches, deck, drain gutter on roof. You can even spray ponds and muddy banks of ponds in the area.

The Mosquito Barrier quart covers approximately 1.25 acres.
The Mosquito Barrier gallon covers approximately 5 acres.

Mixing Directions:
For Cannister and backpack sprayers: For each gallon of water in tank add 3 ounces of Mosquito Barrier (Example: 9 ounces of Mosquito Barrier for 3 gallon size sprayer). Adjust spray nozzle to medium fineness, not heavy droplets.

Hose End Sprayers: Size 1 Quart. Pour in 12 ounces Mosquito Barrier and 20 ounces of water, then set spray dial on 4. (Note: Hose end sprayers are not always accurate in the dilution ratio for this reason you may wish to increase spray concentration to 6). Adjust spray to medium fineness, not heavy drops.

453011 Mosquito Barrier, 1 qt (2.3#)               $21.80
453021 Mosquito Barrier, 1 qt, 12/cs (27#)        $221.50
453031 Mosquito Barrier, 1 gal, (mix 33/1) (9.5#)  $79.90
453041 Mosquito Barrier, 1 gal, 4/cs (39#)        $279.00
453051 Mosquito Barrier, 55 gal.  (500#)         $3245.00  Call to order

55 gal Mosquito Barrier will ship by truck. Call to order.


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