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Based on an ancient Chinese design, the SOLAR FLY TRAP is guaranteed to render user satisfaction within 30 days or your money back. With proper maintenance, it will last season after season.

The trap, constructed of aluminum mesh and banding, is the size of a large round hatbox and has a lid. Inside is an inverted cone and at the bottom is a suspended bait bowl. Flies are attracted to the bait but bypass it and move up the cone where they're trapped inside the "chamber" and dehydrated by the sun. When the trap is full of dead flies, it's time to empty the chamber. The best time to remove the flies is early morning, when the not-yet dead flies are asleep. Remove the lid, place a garbage bag over the top, shake the flies out, remove the bag, and tie it off. The not-yet dead flies will be by the end of the day. Hose down the trap, replace the lid, and pour in some bait (approx 1/4 cup). The trap is ready for use again.

For best results, place the trap in direct sunlight. If temperatures exceed 95 degrees F, however, the metal may get too hot for flies to approach; therefore place the trap in partial or indirect light. On rainy days, place plastic wrap over the lid and secure with string or a rubber band.


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