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GreenCure® is the environmentally friendly fungicide that has been proven to cure and prevent powdery mildew, black spot, downy mildew, blights, molds and other plant diseases.

GreenCure® fungicide is recommended for use on over 85 different flowers, trees, houseplants, fruits, vegetables, and turfs. Unlike many fungicides, GreenCure® is not a toxic chemical. Its active ingredient, potassium bicarbonate, is commonly used in food products and is "generally recognized as safe" by the FDA and is seen as an alternative to other fungicides by the EPA. It's better for the environment, it's better for you and it works!

GreenCure® fully dissolves in water and is easily sprayed on leaves, flowers, stems and branches. The patented formula contains just the right amount of potassium bicarbonate and surfactants so that it provides just the right mix of mildew fighting power. There's no unsightly residue. It dries quickly and it dries clean. Vegetables can be harvested within 1 hour of spraying. It spreads out evenly over leaves and provides complete coverage. Since "prevention is the best medicine" it is wise to apply GreenCure® at the first sign of disease or even when environmental conditions are favorable for mildew growth. GreenCure® kills mildew on contact and provides 2 to 3 weeks of preventative protection.

  • GreenCure® is the Smart Choice: GreenCure® is highly effective against Powdery Mildew and other fungal diseases of plants. It is university tested and proven in agricultural environments.
  • GreenCure® is the Environmental Choice: GreenCure® is friendly to the environment and you! The EPA recognizes the benefits of the active ingredients in GreenCure®. The EPA notes, "Potassium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate are naturally occurring compounds that are not expected to have adverse effects on humans or the environment when used as fungicides. Use of these two compounds in pesticide products may provide an alternative to more toxic fungicides currently on the market."
  • GreenCure® is Easy to Use. Mix with water and spray it on your plants. The power of GreenCure® immediately defeats mildew and it's preventive nature lasts 2 to 3 weeks.
  • GreenCure® is Economical. The 8-ounce container makes up to 16 gallons of formula.

How to Use GreenCure: GreenCure is applied with spray equipment using a sufficient volume of water to insure complete coverage of all stems and foliage.

Mixing Instructions: Dilute GreenCure with water before applying. Carefully measure and mix the stated amounts of product and water. Do not use more than the stated amounts.

GreenCure is packaged in an 8oz., convenient to use, wide-mouth plastic jar. Include a scoop that has both a 1 tablespoon measurement (1 tablespoon to the gallon) and a 1/4 teaspoon measurement (3 1/4 teaspoons to 32 oz. of water). The little scoop is convenient to use because it fits in the opening of a small spray bottle.

One gallon of this solution is sufficient to treat approximately 450 square feet. Apply the solution to all exposed surfaces of the plant. Use a sufficient spray volume to obtain complete coverage of all foliage and stems. Uniform and complete coverage is essential for the most effective results.

Plant Disease Prevention: GreenCure can be used as a good preventative control of powdery mildews by applying 1 tablespoon per gallon of water every 1 to 2 weeks when environmental conditions are ideal for the disease. Preventing an infestation by using GreenCure´┐Ż will help you maintain healthy, vibrant plants.

Plant Disease Control: In cases of moderate to severe infestation GreenCure can be used to eradicate plant disease by spraying plants completely with a mixture of up to 2 tablespoons of GreenCure per gallon of water weekly for 3 weeks followed by the preventative program thereafter. GreenCure kills mold / mildew spores within seconds of contact by causing an immediate dehydration of the spores and destruction of the cell walls. Many of the deceased spores will slough off or be washed away with the next rain or watering. In most instances, leaves can recover, however as with any wound, scars and discoloration can remain. If you prune infected leaves, stalks or branches, they should be disposed of in the trash, because composting will not kill the mold spores.

Application Timing: Start application at first sign of disease. For best protection, repeat at one to two week intervals until conditions are no longer favorable for disease development. Spray more often during rainy weather or during periods of high relative humidity. For appropriate crops, GreenCure may also be applied post-harvest to remaining foliage to decrease overwintering inoculum.

NOTE: The company that packaged GreenCure closed down about a year ago. For an equivalent product find MilStop Broad Spectrum Foliar Fungicide

226401GreenCure Fungicide, 8 oz.$16.95
226411GreenCure Fungicide, 8 oz., 12/cs$170.76
226421GreenCure Fungicide, 40 oz.$66.95
226431GreenCure Fungicide, 40 oz., 6/cs$365.00