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Transonic BugChaser Transonic BugChaser

  • No chemicals or traps needed
  • Safe for small children and pets
  • Repels all insects
  • Three settings to choose from
  • Easy operation and no maintenance
  • Environmentally safe
  • No dead bugs
  • Inexpensive
  • Insects beware

    The Bugchaser works on all critters, including:
    Spiders, roaches, ants, fleas, ticks, and more!

    Use it anywhere!
    No place is safe for bugs with Bugchaser. Use it anywhere electricity is available, like:
    Kitchens, basements, office, barns and garages, workshops, attics and crawl spaces, awnings, and more!

    Get Rid of Bugs Forever!

    Tiny and powerful, the Transonic Bugchaser Electronic Insect Repeller eliminates bugs the instant you turn it on. Emitting sound rays both audible and silent to humans, this insect repeller bugs the bugs using frequencies they hate. The constant variation keeps the critters guessing, making this insect repellent optimally effective. With a 1500 square foot coverage area, flying and crawling insects in your basement, garage, kitchen or pantry are a thing of the past. A choice of three settings specific to your bug problem makes Bugchaser the ultimate pest control solution.

    Simple design, effective results
    Bugchaser makes your life easier with continuous operation and constant insect protection. Set up is simple; plug this electronic insect deterrent into any outlet and watch the critters scatter. There's no assembly. The powerful sonic and ultrasonic waves chase insects away with a continuous array irritating sounds, making it impossible for them to stay in your home, office or warehouse.

    Simplicity isn't the only advantage - Bugchaser saves you time. No mess, no upkeep, no maintenance and no fuss frees you up for more important tasks. Say goodbye to gels, traps and chemicals. One simple step eliminates insects from your space permanently. Bugchaser takes the worry out of pest control.

    Cost efficient, time saving and environmentally safe
    Applying temporary chemical sprays or gels and calling a terminator is expensive and doesn't always work. A one-time investment in this tiny ultrasonic insect repeller eliminates your hassle and won't drain your pockets. Transonic Bugchaser is perfect for saving money and erasing your critter problem.

    Bugchaser is environmentally safe; this electronic repeller will not expose your children and pets to hazardous chemicals. Other bug repellents kill bugs; not Bugchaser. The annoying sounds make insects scatter leaving no dead spiders, roaches, crickets or any other crawling pest behind. It's not a bug zapper; it's a Bugchaser!

    292231Transonic BugChaser$31.95
    292241Transonic BugChaser, 6/cs$175.00


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