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Environmentally Friendly
Controls snails and slugs
yet is non-toxic to wildlife and pets.

Biodegradable Slug and Snail Bait

SLUGGO SLUGGO is a unique blend of an iron phosphate active ingredient with bait additives. The bait that is not ingested by snails or slugs will biodegrade and become part of the soil in your garden.

SLUGGO will attact slugs and snails out of their hiding places. After eating the bait, slugs and snails will stop feeding, become less mobile and begin to die within three to six days. This physiological effect gives immediate protection to plants even though the slugs and snails may remain in the area. Dead slugs and snails may not be visible because they often crawl off to a secluded place to die.

SLUGGO is effective against a wide variety of slugs and snails and will give protetion to lawns, gardens, commercial landscape areas, greenhouses, outdoor ornamentals, container nursery plants, vegetable gardens, field crops, fruit trees and berries. The bait can be scattered on the lawn or on the soil around vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, or bushes to be protected.

Apply bait evenly at 24-44 Lb./acre depending on infestations, 1 lb per 1000 square feet or 1 teaspoon per square yard. Apply more heavily if infestation is severe. Reapply Sluggo as bait is consumed. Scatter Sluggo on the soil around or near plants to be protected. May be applied over the top of plants. Aerial applications allowed. Sluggo remains effective after a sprinkle, irrigation or rain.

227501 Sluggo, 1 lb. (1.5#)                 $8.95
227511 Sluggo, 1 lb., 12/cs (15#)          $89.00
227521 Sluggo, 2.5 lbs (3.3#)              $16.95
227531 Sluggo, 2.5 lbs, 6/cs (17#)         $89.00
227541 Sluggo, 5 lbs (5.7#)                $28.95
227551 Sluggo, 5 lbs, 6/cs (33#)          $161.00
227561 Sluggo, 10 lbs (11#)                $58.95
227581 Sluggo, 40 lbs (42#)               $151.00

40 lb Sluggo will ship separately from other items ordered.


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