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Year Round Horticultural Oil

Pesticidal spray oil "smothers" unwanted pests without poison.

Effectively guards trees, ornamental shrubs, vegetable gardens, flowers, and even your house plants. Proven most effective on aphids, caterpillars, leaf beetles, and spider mites. Oil can be applied effectively year round.

Comes equipped with an easy measure bottle that has a child resistant cap. Oil may be applied up to the day of harvest.

1 pint of oil makes up to 12.5 gallons of solution.

Make sure the spray equipment to be used is clean dry and odor free.

  • Fill the spray tank or bottle 3/4 full with water.
  • Shake the container of HORTICULTURAL SPRAY OIL vigorously prior to measuring out the desired amount. Add the appropriate amount of the insecticide to the water and shake
  • Fill the remaining 1/4 of the spray tank or bottle with water and shake again. The solution should look milky. If it doesn't, do not use it.
  • During application shake the solution frequently. Do not apply to plants if the solution has been sitting for more than 10 minutes. Shake it before resuming application.
  • Do not premix this insecticide. Mix just enough for the immediate use.
  • 2 tablespoons = 1 fluid ounce
    4 tablespoons = 1/4 cup = 2 fluid ounces


  1. The best times to spray are early evening and early morning.
  2. The target pest and plant should be completely covered with the spray solution to be effective.
  3. Do not exceed the maximum rates or apply more often than recommended.
  4. Certain plants may be sensitive to oil. A small number of plants should be test sprayed prior to general spraying.
  5. Use caution on open blooms - bleaching and spotting have been observed on the open bloom of certain plants.
  6. May be used up to day of harvest.

458601Year Round Horticultural Oil, 32 oz conc$10.90
458611Year Round Horticultural Oil, 32 oz conc, 12/cs$110.00
458701Year Round Horticultural Oil, gal conc$24.90
458711Year Round Horticultural Oil, gal conc, 4/cs$84.90


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