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What Was New! 1997

1st Quarter
  • Clandosan - Safe, biological control of root-knot nematodes.
  • New Image for Aphidius matricariae courtesy Holt Studios, UK.
  • New Image for Phytoseiulus persimilis courtesy Holt Studios, UK.
  • Beneficial nematodes New source! More aggressive!.
  • Joined Internet Link Exchange. We will now be enjoying new exposure through Internet Link Exchange
  • New Layout for ARBICO "Home" page.
  • New Layout for ARBICO "Table of Contents" page and new Arizona scene background.
  • New Layout for Biocontrol Network "Home" page with more developments still to come.
  • Leptomastix dactylopii
  • Notice posted that permits may be required when shipping beneficial insects, mites and organisms outside of the continental United States. We have always said this to our customers, but it is now stated below each catalog entry to which it applies.
  • Biocontrol Network navigational bar is being added to the top of most pages. ARBICO catalog navigation should improve as well.
  • Site is undergoing internal "structural" changes. It may take a week or two to get everything done. Please excuse any temporary non-functional links.
  • Biocontrol Network Product Line expanding. Many new products are now available.
  • It's taking longer than expected, but we're making progress. New navigational aids have now been installed on key pages throughout the site.
  • BUNNIES have been added to the Fly Control Treatment Schedule for all our rabbit breeder friends.
  • New UPDATED Shipping Guide, with helpful rate tables for each shipping zone in the U.S.
2nd Quarter
3rd Quarter 4rd Quarter

What Was New:
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