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What Was New! 1996

1st Quarter
    Biocontrol Network has been "On The Web" since 21 July, 1995. We have attempted to chronicle the significant developments and additions to our site so that repeat visitors can get a quick view of the recent changes.
  • Using Beneficial Insects, from Howard Garrett's Basic Organic Program.
  • My Enemy's Enemy is my Friend, from the International Pest Management Institute.
  • ARBICO's Do It Yourself Guides.
  • A Word About Soil.
  • A plethora of great new books have been added to ARBICO's catalog, covering topics from composting to organic food production and healthful living.
  • A cool image of beneficial nematodes attacking a termite added to both Benificial Nemtodes and the Biological Termiticide information page.
  • Webkeeper Eric Acosta's Resume and Bio updated.
  • Bio-Balanced Fly Control Program. Also, application instructions for Fly Parasites and Beneficial Nematodes for fly control.
  • Guestbook pages rearranged for easier browsing and updating.
  • ARBICO catalog content pages, except a few, now have a lovely logo in the background.
  • ARBICO Garden Catalog and ARBICO Agricultural Catalog pages created to provide more specialized gateways into the catalog content.
  • The Spined Soldier Bug added to the online catalog.
  • Another change in the Biocontrol Network Home Page design and logo. (I hated waiting for large graphics to load) I hope everyone find this new look appealing.
  • Delectibles - Living and dried food for birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and other omnivores that require a high protein diet.
2nd Quarter
  • Biological Fly Control - A Personal Experience Ginny Childs describes how she has gained control of her fly problem. She talks about fly parasites, what to expect, how they're applied and the stellar results she's achieved.
  • Beneficial Nematodes (Steinernema carpocapsae) price update.
  • ARBICO Catalog price updates: Sulfur Fungicide price goes up, and is now available in 50 lb. package. Liquid Sulfur goes up. Garden Fungicide goes up.
  • What's New! moves to the "Home" page. About Biocontrol Network moves to bottom of the page.
  • New additions to Biocontrol & IPM News
  • ARBICO Catalog: Earthworms prices go down.
  • Biocontrol Reference Center: IPM ACCESS - Integrated Pest Management Information Service - Forums and Files for Urban IPM, Ornamental Landscapes, Right of Ways, Structural Facilities, Home Farms and Gardens.
3rd Quarter
  • Earthworms prices go up.
  • Our site awarded three stars by Magellan.
  • July 21, 1996 - Our site celebrates FIRST YEAR on the web!
  • New, simpler, easier and more useful navigational links being placed throughout the ARBICO catalog.
  • New Products for 1996 - At last, the long awaited updates to the ARBICO catalog, starting with Botanicals and Disease Control.
  • New Products for 1996 - More updates to the ARBICO catalog, featuring Traps, Barriers, Lures and Repellents.
  • Please bear with us for a few days while our site is being updated and overhauled. There may be broken links to Botanicals and Disease Control and Traps, Barriers, Lures and Repellents. Index and Agricultural Catalog references will take a few days to update.
  • All broken links fixed. More new products and updates still to come.
  • UPDATES to Seeds and Cover Crops. More to come.
  • UPDATES to Soil Care and Composting. More to come.
  • Earthworms come down in price!
  • Additional information on Green Lacewing, Bacillus Thurugeinsis and nematodes. Links to the Entomology Department of Cornell University.
  • Pet Products UPDATE.
  • More Fly Control Products
  • Navigational Improvements made to the ARBICO catalog
  • MORE navigational Improvements made to the ARBICO catalog.
4rd Quarter

What Was New:
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