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What Was New! 1995

1st Quarter
2nd Quarter
3rd Quarter
  • July 21, 1995 - Opening Day! This was our first day online after four and a half months of learning about the internet, HTML, and lots of page design.
  • ARBICO's '95 Garden Catalog- New Products! Lots of information! Please order something. This is our bread and butter. We've got gardening products, household products, pet supplies and lots of friendly bugs.
  • Insect vs. Insect - A historic recount of the development of biological pest control in the United States.
  • Other Cool Sites! Be sure to check these out. There are a few sites we've come across that we'd like to share with our guests. We wouldn't put them here if we didn't think they were cool.
  • Bio-Balanced Fly Control Program Fact Sheet - Most everything you would need to know about biolgical fly control. Sheri & Rick's photo added to ARBICO catalog.
  • BIO CONTROL NETWORK letterhead graphic, vertical spacing trick, and new footer layout integrated into the page design. Minute Pirate Bug image added to ARBICO catalog.
  • A major background color overhaul(sections of ARBICO catalog are now color coded) and Guestbook added.
  • New graghics added to ARBICO catalog (B&W initially, to be replaced by color eventually) for Aphid predator, Bean Beetle Parasite, Green Lacewing, Mealybug Parasite, Minute Pirate Bug, Red Scale Parasite and White Fly Parasite.
  • Biological Termiticide paper introduced. Read how parasitic nematodes are used to treat termite infestations.
  • Good Bug Power Meal Keep you beneficials well fed and at home!
  • Navigational link overhaul in ARBICO catalog, intended to make "getting around" more intuitive...
  • About Biocontrol Network - Who we are, how and why this site was created.
  • Newly enhanced and improved Cool Sites. Now there are more places to go and it's easier to find the places you like.
  • 50 Years ago... What was the scientific community all excited about 50 years ago?
  • Enhanced Bio Control Network banner - Improved 3D effect.
  • BIO CONTROL NETWORK is proud to be participating in the G7 Small and Medium Enterprise Demonstration by displaying the Global Marketplace for SMEs logo, Sept 18-20. The purpose of this international pilot project is to demonstrate the potential benefits of the information society and stimulate its deployment.
  • More Cool Sites listed for your edutainment.
  • BICONET Home Page revised into two column format to make it easier to see everything on the screen at once. Major overhaul an revision to ARBICO Ordering pages. It is now a bit easier for non-HTML 3.0 browsers to place orders.
  • ARBICO Table of Contents revised into two column format so that all is visible on the screen at once.
  • About ?.
4rd Quarter
  • Follow the early development of Biocontrol Network from its first day on the web.
  • BICONET office closes for two months while Webkeeper, Eric Acosta, travels to the Far East on a technical assignment. Web site remains active and site development continues thanks to portable laptop computing and electronic mail. All calls forwarded to ARBICO.
  • Original ARBICO Home Page eliminated and the Catalog Cover Page becomes the ARBICO Home Page. This provides a much simpler and more elegant entry into the ARBICO portion of the site. ARBICO Press, Tid Bits and TPN absorbed into the catalog format.
  • IPM Defined, from the International Pest Management Institute.
  • Critical Issues Regarding Regulation, a paper presented by Richard Frey.
  • ARBICO, A Company Profile.
  • Bug-Eating Bugs - reprint of a newspaper article.
  • Bio Control Network changes to Biocontrol Network, "no, we don't write bios..."
  • Bug Blitzers - reprint of a magazine article.
  • Hit Bugs - reprint of a newspaper article.
  • They Bug What's Bugging Us - reprint of a newspaper article.

What Was New:
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