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Our Mission / Our Goals

Our mission

Our mission is to connect customers around the world with innovative solutions to common pest control, fertilization, pet care and cleaning issues, while promoting biodiversity and environmental stewardship. We draw upon the collective experience of our staff, suppliers and network of professional colleagues to guide our customers toward least toxic and Bio-Rational Alternatives for an Ever Shrinking Planet.

Our goals

Our goals at the Biocontrol Network (www.biconet.com) remain the same as when we launched in 1996: to be a leading Eco-nomic business by supporting our customers on three fronts:

  • Offer the most innovative non-toxic solutions and biological pest controls to support biodiversity and minimize senseless environmental pollution
  • Continue to source manufacturers that offer the safest products for you to use in your home, garden, or place of business - wherever they might be!
  • Strengthen our local, regional and national community by providing information and insight into how each one of us can make a difference everyday.

    Our eye is on the future. We want to help people live healthier lives and encourage bio-balance to result in a healthier planet.

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