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Eric William Acosta 5116 Williamsburg Rd., Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 370-4641


Interests in engineering, electronics, computers and music have taken Eric through musicianship, recording engineering, studio design and construction, audio/video system design, and computer programming. World Wide Web site development and HTML programming have recently been added to the list.
April 1995 to Present: Creator and Director of Biocontrol Network, wholesale and retail supplier of alternatives to chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Responsible for the implementation and maintenance of Biocontrol Network catalog on the World Wide Web.

September 1997 to December 1997: Contracted by Technical Industries of Atlanta to participate in the installation of the International Broadcast Center for the 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan. The project involves the cabling, installation and testing of incoming venue feeds and World Broadcaster distribution feeds, as well as all off-line edit and transmission signals routed through the Master Control facility.

May 1996 to July 1996: Contracted by TR Technologies to supervise the installation of the Audio/Video system for Planet Hollywood in Nashville, Tennessee. The audio system, capable of supporting live music, consists primarily of JBL loudspeakers and amplification. The source end is headed by a TR proprietary computer controlled CD and Laserdisc changer system. Video consists of Barco projectors and Mitsubishi large screen televisions.

October 1995 to February 1996: Contracted by TR Technologies to participate in the installation of Synchrosound Recording Studios in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Asia's largest World Class recording and post production facility designed by studio architect John Storyk. The project involved the installation and testing of four live recording rooms, and six post production suites utilizing both analogue and digital technologies.

April 1989 to June 1994: Employed by TR Technologies, a New York based audio/video contracting firm. Working with Ted Rothstein, recording studio monitor innovator (e.g. Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, The Cars, Patrick Leonard), Eric generated designs and managed installation of recording studios and other commercial sound systems. Projects included Full Sail Recording Studio, JSM Studios, DK Studios, Hard Rock Cafes (Boston, Cancun, Acapulco, Washington DC, Singapore, Orlando, Paris, Puerto Vallarta, Berlin, Osaka, Atlanta, St. Thomas, San Juan, Miami, Mexico City), Planet Hollywood restaurants (New York, Cancun, London, Chicago, Washington DC, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Aspen, Maui, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Dallas, Reno, San Diego, San Francisco, Paris, Orlando, Atlantic City) and the new Harley Davidson Cafe in New York City.

During his tenure with TR Technologies, Eric became proficient with computer aided design tools (AutoCAD) and conceptualized the design of the TR Technologies computer based CD/Laserdisc automated playback system by creating a software prototype. He engineered multi video screen control systems and various proprietary audio and video products and conducted extensive pop music history research for Hard Rock Cafe and Euro Disney. Eric dealt directly with clients, architects, sub contractors, equipment manufacturers, and managed installation crews on many of the company's projects.

Seminars and training programs attended include JBL Speaker Re-Coning Seminar, Sony Video Projection Monitors, Harman Electronics Home Theater Workshop and Barco Data 8100 Lightvalve Component Class.

Secondary school years were divided between Southern California, the Panama Canal Zone, Maryland (DC area) and Bogotá, Colombia. In the Canal Zone Eric interned at the AFRTS radio and television studios and engaged in production activities for community organizations and local performing musical groups.

At age 15 Eric built his first electric guitar and began playing with various combos performing original material and popular covers. Since then he has built three more guitars and has worked on scores of others. At age 17 he recorded an album of original material, discovering layering, tape echo and varispeed techniques through experimentation with three stereo tape machines. He received his High School Diploma from The English School in Bogotá, Colombia 1973.

Higher Learning and Early Employment: While pursuing Recording Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science studies Eric worked between classes in the college campus AV Center and worked part-time off-campus at Angstrohm Precision, Inc. building production line machines and test equipment for the manufacture of precision electronic components.

Eric also worked part-time at Annex Recording Studio working regularly on The Lawrence Welk Show and on projects including The Ice Follies (music for the road show), The Monkees, The Association, The Modern Folk Quartet and Don Preston (ex Mothers of Invention). Eric's duties included microphone placement, tape machine alignment, tape duplication, equipment repairs, and recording sessions. During this same period Eric designed, built and serviced several privately owned recording studios and rehearsal rooms.

In 1978, Eric took a full time position with Quad Eight Electronics, a broadcast and recording console manufacturer. As an engineer in their Custom Console Division, he generated schematics and wiring schedules for film scoring and broadcast consoles and engaged in quality control testing as the consoles were built on the assembly floor. Projects included consoles for customers such as MGM, Paramount, Lions Gate, Universal Studios, Ryder Sound, Australian Broadcast Co., and Nippon TV.

In 1979, Eric took a position with Fonovision Internacional Ltd., a $3M recording studio project in Bogotá, Colombia designed by award winning studio architect John Storyk. Control room monitors and custom panels in the studio were designed by Ted Rothstein. Eric designed and installed all remaining studio system interfaces and was the facility Chief Technical Engineer for the next 15 months. At Fonovision Eric had the pleasure of working with visiting producer Robert Margoulef and reknown studio engineer Eddie Kramer. Eric's experience at Fonovision ranged from jingle production to orchestral and popular album projects and included a visit from flamenco guitar legend Paco de Lucia.

In 1981 Eric went independent, designing night club sound systems and working for various local artists and concert promoters as acoustic consultant/production manager/house engineer. Projects included performances featuring Richard Clayderman, Celia Cruz & The Fania All Stars, Elis Regina, Barry White, Canned Heat, Santana, Sinfonia Nacional and many others. Eric managed the stage production for various festivals in Colombia, the most notable being the 1983 First Festival del Caribe in Cartagena, a three day multi-nationally televised Carribean music event.

Winter of 1983, Eric was called to New York City to work with touring bands for The Wartoke Concern, a management/publicity firm. After returning from the first 6 week tour, Eric was commissioned to computerize the record keeping processes of the company and was charged with hiring and managing the DP department staff. During the same period Eric continued to work with Ted Rothstein, assisting with studio maintenance calls and system installations in the New York area. Eric was also engaged in the production facility of Rothstein's ROR loudspeakers which were distributed through regional hi-fi outlets.

In 1985 Eric travelled to Australia and was engaged in a computer programming start-up venture. Over the next three years he learned C and Assembly Language programming and developed educational/entertainment and administrative software for an elementary school system. Eric left Australia in 1989 to pursue professional interests at home.

Returning to New York in 1989, Eric joined Ted Rothstein, (TR Technologies), who had built a successful commercial sound installation business around recording studio and theme restaurant music system installations. Concurrently, Eric maintained a sideline computer consulting/systems integration business based on years of Apple Macintosh experience.

In 1990, Eric met the woman who was to become his wife, a manager for the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City and married in 1991. With the birth of a child in 1993, and the desire for an environment more nurturing of a family, his wife Kim, requested and received a transfer to the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee which opened in June, 1994.

Eric expects to incorporate his many experiences and interests in any project he finds himself, and will continue to persue the cutting edge of technology.

References available upon request.

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