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Tanglefoot Tree Pruning Sealer

Tanglefoot Tree Pruning Sealer

Tanglefoot Tree Pruning Sealer helps minimize sap flow and exclude moisture from wounds or injuries caused by pruning and trimming. The product encourages natural healing, and provides pruning cuts with a clean, professional appearance.

Fruit, shade and ornamental trees which are susceptible to canker or systematic diseases can also benefit greatly from applications of Tanglefoot Tree Pruning Sealer.

Ready to use, Tanglefoot Tree Pruning Sealer is fast drying and can be applied during most weather conditions immediately after pruning.

For additional help in protecting your trees from injuries caused by pruning, weather storms, or damage due to small animals or deer, we recommend Tanglefoot Tree Wound and Grafting Compound.

269101Tanglefoot Tree Pruning Sealer, 8 oz., w/ brush cap$5.95
269111Tanglefoot Tree Pruning Sealer, 8 oz., 12/cs$66.95
269121Tanglefoot Tree Pruning Sealer, 16 oz, w/ brush cap$7.50
269131Tanglefoot Tree Pruning Sealer, 16 oz., 12/cs$85.95
269141Tanglefoot Tree Pruning Sealer, gal$33.95
269151Tanglefoot Tree Pruning Sealer, gal, 4/cs$131.95
269201Tanglefoot Latex Tree Pruning Sealer, 8.5 oz$11.95

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