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Tanglefoot Latex Tree Pruning Sealer

Tanglefoot Tree Pruning Sealer

Ready to use all-weather sealer with its own brush applicator. It provides a long-lasting elastic covering on tree wounds, promotes healing, prevents excessive sap flow and excludes moisture while the wound heals on woody plants and trees.

Pruning cuts
When removing branches, prune close to bark collar without cutting through the collar. Make cuts at the trunk or fork of the tree. Always make clean, sharp, cuts. Trim tree branches evenly, conforming to lines of natural sap flow. The best time to prune varies according to type of tree. Consult with your nursery professional to determine when to prune. Avoid repairs during periods of active sap flow.

Tree wounds
Clean wound thoroughly, removing loose pieces of bark, down to healthy wood. Cover the wound with a thick covering to about 2.5" (1 cm) beyond the edge of the wound. Use when temperature is above 30° F (-2C°). Replace cap when not in use.

269201Tanglefoot Latex Tree Pruning Sealer, 8.5 oz$11.95
269211Tngl Latex Tree Pruning Sealer, 8.5 oz, 12/cs$135.00

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