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Organic Digester Too
"Clears Pond Water - For Difficult Organic Matter"

Organic Digester Too is a bacterial based product designed to restore balance to the pond environment.

Organic Digester Too cleans ponds by breaking down organic materials that create unsightly problems in and around waterfalls, rocks, plant pots, pumps, sides, bottoms and filtration systems. This product is a problem solver. Once the problem has been resolved, it is best to continually use our regular Organic Digester powder or liquid to maintain a good bacterial balance within the pond.

Organic Digester Too is a natural, bacterial product and has been laboratory and field tested on ponds that range from 500 gallons to over 500,000 gallons. In these ponds Organic Digester Too was found to reduce excessive nutrient content that contributes to organic growth and enhanced existing filtration systems.

Dissolvable Packet
The six specific enzymes contained in this product will perform the initial work to begin the breakdown of the waste. The enzymes will act as a "saliva" to breakdown the bulk of the waste so the bacteria can perform there function more easily and efficiently. Once the wastes have been consumed the only bi-products that are excreted by the bacteria are harmless carbon dioxide and water. There are billions of bacteria colonies per gram that work with the enzymes.

Prior to using Organic Digester Too, these conditions must exist: pH of water maintained between 6.5 & 9.0. Water temperature above 60 F (15 C). Dissolved Oxygen levels above 3 ppm (3 mg/l).

Application Directions:
Dissolvable Packet: Simply throw the packet directly in the water or filter. Works under the same principal as the regular Organic Digester. Handles bottom sludge.

Shelf life is three years.

1 lb packet treats around 1 acre foot.

330221Organic Digester TOO, 1 lb Dissolvable packet (1.1#)$29.95


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