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Granular Algaecide

Reduce Time and Cost of Algaecide Applications With New Advanced GreenClean PRO

We have DOUBLED the non-copper active ingredient in GreenClean PRO so you can apply half as much and still achieve the same results!

A pond that previously called for 100 lbs. of the original GreenClean formulation will now require only 50 lbs of the new GreenClean PRO formula.

  • Less hassle.
  • Quicker application time.
  • The same clear, algae-free results.
  • In addition to labor savings, there is up to a 56% reduction in application costs due to the smaller amount needed and the relative cost reduction.

Applicators are currently using GreenClean with great success as a preventative program and as a fast-acting algaecide for spot treatments, organic treatment programs, plank tonic algae blooms, resistant algae management, areas where copper use is restricted, and water bodies with sensitive fish or wildlife populations.

  • EPA approved
  • Reduced risk, non-copper chemistry
  • Non-hazardous to fish and aquatic life
  • Works on contact, with results seen in minutes

GreenCleanPRO eliminates algae on contact without leaving harmful residues in lakes and their surrounding environment. Results are achieved quickly allowing more time for enjoying an algae-free lake. GreenCleanPRO's copper-free formula not only destroys algae, it re-oxygenates the water stimulating a healthy eco-system for fish and wildlife.

221901 GreenClean Pro, 50 lbs, min of 4 bags (53#)             $150.00 each
GreenClean Pro ships by truck only. Call for freight quote.