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Granular Algaecide

GreenClean for Greenhouse and Nursery
GreenClean's granular particles are designed to be spread under greenhouse benches, on walkways, ground cover mats or any hard-to-reach areas of the greenhouse.

GreenClean prevents the transfer of disease from floors to plants, or from pests to plants. Since under-bench areas tend to harbor pests such as shore flies and fungus gnats, GreenClean application to these areas eliminates the breeding grounds and food sources for these pests, and thus prevents cross-contamination of plants.

Due to its high residual pH, GreenClean is not designed to be applied directly to plant material and/or soil mixes. However, this high residual pH will prevent the growth or organisms that can lead to disease, and is effective as a pre-emergent to control non-beneficial elements, including weeds.

GreenClean offers the grower additional benefits through its use. The elements of GreenClean are biodegradable and release active oxygen and carbon dioxide into the growing environment; both beneifical to plant growth. in addition, GreenClean can be applied during all phases of crop production because of its zero-hour REI.

GreenClean can be applied either by hand or by a rotary mechanical spreader.

GreenClean, in conjunction with ZeroTol Broad Spectrum Algaecide/Fungicide, can be used as part of a comprehensive BioSecurity program.

GreenClean for Ponds
GreenClean is also labeled as an aquatic algaecide. maintaining clear, algae-free ponds is not only important for aesthetics, bur for disease control if the pond is used for irrigation. GreenClean's chemistry is extremely effective for the treatment and prevention of algae in ponds, streams, irrigation systems, ornamental pools and fountains.

GreenClean's oxidation mode of action provides immediate control of algae and algae blooms. GreenClean releases 100 times its volume of oxygen as it works, which beneficial - especially in stagnant waters. It not only reacts with surface algae, but will control bottom-growing filamentous algae as well.

Keep Water sources used for irrigation clean is important because algae in those waters will ultimately be spread to growing areas, including outdoor nursery crops and those grown in greenhouses.

GreenClean is made from environmentally safe, biodegradable components and is non-toxic to fish and other aquatic life.

General Use Guidelines and Information
For best results, begin GreenClean applications early in the spring in cold weather states after the ice has melted. GreenClean can be used year round in warm weather states.

GreenClean releases oxygen into water and will cause organic matter to rise to the surface. This matter is a food source for algae and should be skimmed form the surface. If skimming does not occur, it will settle back to the bottom.

Do not tank mix with aquatic herbicides or algaecides containing copper or bromides. Also apply GreenClean at least one day prior to the application of these products. Use of dyes and biological products after GreenClean application is recommended.