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Tred-Not Spider Traps

Spiders come out of their dark places at night and crawl around your home, looking for food. Some spiders even bite people. To eliminate them, simply place a few of these sticky traps in a quiet corner, along a wall or under your bed and then dispose of trapped bugs.

Tred-Not Spider Traps catch:

  • Spiders
  • Crickets
  • Roaches
  • and Other Crawling Insects

Tred-Not Spider Traps are disposable, have no odor, use no chemicals, and are non-toxic.

Each pack includes 4 traps

Tred-Not Spider Trap

254801  Tred-Not Spider Trap(.1#)              $2.95
254811  Tred-Not Spider Trap, 10 packs (.5#)  $21.95
254821  Tred-Not Spider Trap, 20 packs (.9#)  $35.90

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