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The Snake Fence

• Sold in 10' and 25' lengths
• Only 12" high
• Blends well into landscaping
• Easy to install
• Extremely durable
• Lasts for years with minimum maintenance

The Snake Fence is designed to catch and prevent snakes from entering certain areas. Snakes don't try to go around the Snake Fence. They try to crawl through it until they are trapped.

The Snake Fence blends very well into landscapes, and it's even OK to let plants grow up around it. The Snake Fence comes in 10' and 25' lengths, is 12" tall and comes in five different sizes.

It's very simple and easy to install; all you need is a hammer. Unlike chemical deterrents, it will continue to protect your family and pets for years with minimum maintenance.

430401The Snake Fence - Coral Snake 10'$29.95
430402The Snake Fence - Coral Snake 25'$59.95
430411The Snake Fence - Copperhead 10'$29.95
430412The Snake Fence - Copperhead 25'$59.95
430431The Snake Fence - Small Rattlesnake 10'$29.95
430432The Snake Fence - Small Rattlesnake 25'$59.95
430441The Snake Fence - Medium Rattlesnake 10'$59.95
430442The Snake Fence - Medium Rattlesnake 25'$64.95
430451The Snake Fence - Large Rattlesnake 10'$34.95
430452The Snake Fence - Large Rattlesnake 25'$64.95

The Snake Fence will ship separately from other items ordered.


NOTE: Due to the size and shape of The Snake Fence, it must be shipped as a separate package. Please expect separate shipping charges on this item when ordered with other items. The shipping charges will be adjusted by a consultant when your order is processed.

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