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Biocare Spider & Silverfish Trap Biocare Spider & Silverfish Trap

A small number of spiders cause problems for homeowners by actively hunting for their prey. They rely on their searching abilities to find food and their speed to catch insects. Unfortunately, these habits can be irritating and annoying in homes.

Some of these species can also be aggressive and inflict toxic, painful, and slow-healing bites. The Spider Trap imitates an effective hiding space for spiders.

Placing traps beside baseboards will catch spiders running along edges searching for insects and mates. Long term use of the Spider Trap will reduce troubling infestations without the use of toxic chemicals. Dispose of old traps with regular garbage.

Silverfish Facts:
The Silverfish trap captures adult and nymph stages of silverfish, bristletails, firebrats, fishmoths, and other insects.

The trap works by intercepting running insects in search of food in your home. The insects travel along edges and can be caught beside baseboards, in the corners of cupboards and along the back edges on shelving. Traps must contact edges to be effective.

Adult silverfish can live for years and lay only a few eggs at a time. Frequent cleaning and vacuuming, and disposal of old papers will assist in reducing silverfish problems.

Easy Instructions
Fold trap along score lines into box shape. Peel release paper to expose sticky glue. Stick end flap to the top and form the trap. The sticky side goes in!

Place trap where spiders have been seen. Place the trap along baseboards, near doorways, and in the corners of rooms. Dispose of traps when full or at least every 3 months. In case of contact, glue can be removed with vegetable oil.

239701BioCare Spider/Silverfish Trap, 6 pkg (.5#)$6.95
239711BioCare Spider/Silverfish Trap, 6 pkg, 12/cs (3.5#)$74.95


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