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Snake Guard 1
Snake Guard 3
Snake Guard 2
Snake Guard
The Original Snake Trap

Now, thanks to Snake Guard snake trap, capturing and removing a snake from your home no longer requires you to call an expensive and hard to find expert. Developed by a herpetologist, this trap allows you to catch snakes safely and humanely and remove them from conflict areas for relocation and release.

The Snake Guard Trap is quickly assembled in three easy steps. Place the trap along a vertical surface in areas snakes are likely to frequent, such as basements, garages, storage buildings, boathouses, stables, and other similar structures. This is designed to remain effective for extended use, however environmental conditions may reduce the useful life of the trap. The Snake Guard Trap is made entirely of biodegradable materials.

Temporarily unavailable

036101Snake-Guard Trap$21.95
036111Snake-Guard Trap, 2 traps$39.50
Due to the size and/or shape of the Snake Guard Trap, it will ship separately from other items ordered.


NOTE: Due to the size and shape of the Snake Guard Trap, it must be shipped as a separate package. Please expect separate shipping charges on this item when ordered with other items. The shopping cart UPS calculator will not be aware of this fact. This product can only ship Ground.

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