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Raticator Plus
(formerly Rat Zapper Classic) Raticator

The result of years of engineering and customer feedback, the Raticator is designed to be effective, clean, easy to use, and humane. Simply bait with ordinary pet food. Mice and rats enter the chamber and are dispatched humanely with a quick but powerful jolt of electricity. The red light tells you when you have a catch.

You donŐt even need to look at the rodent; simply tip the Raticator Plus and let the dead rodent slide into the trash can.

Advantages of the Raticator Plus are:

  • Humanely Exterminates mice, rats, chipmunks and ground squirrels
  • Clean and easy to operate, reusable. No blood, no gore, no mess!
  • More humane than snap traps, glue boards, and poison
  • Compact (10" x 4" x 4")
  • 60+ Kills, lasts up to 6 months with one set of 4 alkaline AA batteries (not included)
  • Flashing kill indicator light (you never have to see the dead rodent!)
  • Not an ultrasonic device
Raticator Plus Dimensions: approximately 4" x 4" X 10"

Note: Batteries are not included with the Raticator; the use of alkaline batteries is strongly recommend. While alkaline batteries provide the best, most reliable current with the lowest up front cost, Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeables offer the best cost performance for people who use their Raticator all year long.

255711Raticator Plus$46.95
255721Raticator Plus, 2+$44.95


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