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Rat Tale Optional Rat Tail (for Rat Zapper Classic or Rat Zapper Ultra):
The optional Rat Tale makes the world's best mouse (and rat) trap even better. The Rat Tale's 12-foot cord is attached to two blinking red lights, which enables you to easily monitor your Rat Zapper Classic or Rat Zapper Ultra in difficult-to-reach places. No more crawling into attics, false ceilings or under stairwells to check your Rat Zapper Classic or Rat Zapper Ultra.

Also, using the Rat Tale can reduce the amount of time that you must spend in enclosed spaces such as attics. The less you have to go into enclosed spaces to check rodent traps, the better.

Optional Rat Pack (Rat Zapper Classic only):
The Rat Pack is an add-on battery pack for the Rat Zapper Classic. It allows any Rat Zapper ever built to use D-cell batteries instead of AA batteries. This will give you up to 6 times the battery life that you get from 4 AA batteries. This translates into 60 kills or 6 months time (as opposed to 10 kills or 30 days time with AA's).

It's great for rural homeowners, ranches, commercial facilities and Pest Control Operators. The 4 D-cell batteries provide plenty of power for zapping large rats and ground squirrels (as well as mice and voles). Also, the extra weight of the D-cell batteries helps to keep the Rat Zapper firmly planted and prevents larger rodents from tipping the Rat Zapper.

255921  Zapper Rat Tail - light w/ 12' cord (1.4#)    $15.95
255911  Zapper Rat Pack - battery pack (1.1#)         $17.95


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