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Gypsy Moth TrapOak Stump Gypsy Moth Trap

Gypsy moths are one of the most destructive pests, stripping trees such as oak, crab apple, poplars, and 100's of other trees and shrubs. Instead of applying pesticides indiscriminately to control Gypsy moths, use the Oak Stump Gypsy Moth Monitoring Trap. It is simple, easy to use and uses powerful pheromone lures to attract Gypsy moths to detect outbreaks.

  • Attracts and traps gypsy moths
  • Reusable to save you money season after season
  • Effective season after season by using replacement lures
  • Safe for families, pets, and the environment
  • Ready to Use
  • Uses Pheromone Lures

238901 Oak Stump Gypsy Moth Trap             $8.95 DISCONTINUED - NO LONGER AVAILABLE
238911 Oak Stump Gypsy Moth Trap, 12/cs     $87.90 DISCONTINUED - NO LONGER AVAILABLE
238921 Oak Stump Gypsy Moth Lure             $4.90 DISCONTINUED - NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Please accept our apologies. Oak Stump Gypsy Moth traps and lures have been discontinued
by the manufacturer. 

Replaced by:
248901 Great Lakes Gypsy Moth Trap             $6.95 
248925 Great Lakes Gypsy Moth Trap, 25/cs    $139.00 
248971 Great Lakes Gypsy Moth Lure             $4.40 
248975 Great Lakes Gypsy Moth Lure, 25/pkg    $64.75 
248985 Vaportape Insecticide Strip, 25/pkg    $10.00 

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