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Used in RC combat to disable opponent
Tree Tanglefoot Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier

Apply this organic (castor oil, waxes, and resins) brown paste around the trunks of trees and shrubs to block access of crawling insects to leaves, buds, and fruit.

Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier is effective against crawling insects such as ants, cutworms, inchworms, gypsy moth, cankerworm, pecan weevil, obscure root weevil, forest tent caterpillar, and tussock moths.
Do not use in pheromone traps.

Tree Tanglefoot Kit The Tangle Guard Tree Care Kit is now available.

It contains a 15 oz Tub of Tree Tanglefoot, a 3 in x 50 ft Tangle Guard Banding Material, and a handy applicator.

258701Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier, 6 oz Tube (brown)$5.85
258711Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier, 6 oz Tube, 20/cs$89.00
258721Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier, 10.5 oz. tube$8.25
258731Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier, 10.5 oz., 12/cs$82.08
258741Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier, 15 oz. Tub (brown)$8.85
258751Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier, 15 oz. Tub (brown), 12/cs$88.85
258761Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier, 5 lbs. Pail (brown)$37.75
258761Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier, 5 lbs.(brown), 4/cs$129.56
258781Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier, 15 lbs. Pail (brown)$110.90
258791Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier, 25 lbs. Pail (brown)$156.50
258601Tree Care Combo Kit, 15 oz Tub + 50 ft Paper Wrap$16.90
258621Tree Care Combo Kit, 5 lb Tub + 150 ft Paper Wrap$46.95


Due to the size and/or shape of the Tree Tanglefoot 15 lb and 25 lb, they will ship separately from other items ordered.

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