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Tanglefoot Tangle Guard - Paper Tree Wrap Tree Banding Material

Tangle Guard Paper Tree Wrap is used in conjunction with Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier as an effective way to rid trees of crawling insects who must reach the tops of trees in order to feed, mate, or deposit eggs. Such insects include cankerworms, gypsy moth caterpillars, army and tent caterpillars, ants, obscure root weevils and pecan weevils, tussock moths and climbing cutworms. Many of these female insects are wingless, or, they may have wings but do not fly. Thus, they crawl up the trunks of trees to mate and deposit eggs. Some of these insects simply rob trees by feeding on their buds, leaves, and fruit.

Tangle Guard Paper Tree Wrap, when used with Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier, provides the perfect solution to protecting your valuable trees and reducing future populations of these pests.

Banding your trees is a two-step process:

  1. Fasten Tangle Guard Paper Tree Wrap around the tree trunk. This material provides a non-absorbent application for Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier. It also facilitates easy removal of Pest Barrier after the insect season.
  2. Then Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier can be applied. As the insects climb up over the sticky bands, they become trapped without escape.

Best of all, the action is strictly mechanical -- no pesticides or harmful chemicals are involved.

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268501Tanglefoot Guard - 3 in x 50 ft$4.75OUT OF STOCK
268521Tanglefoot Guard - 3 in x 150 ft $10.95OUT OF STOCK
258601Tree Care Combo Kit, 15 oz Tub + 50 ft Paper Wrap$16.90OUT OF STOCK
258621Tree Care Combo Kit, 5 lb Tub + 150 ft Paper Wrap$46.95OUT OF STOCK

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