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Used in RC combat to disable opponent
Tangle-Trap - Insect Trap Coating

This clear, organic insect trap coating captures flying insects, including whitefly, aphids, carrot rust flies, fungus gnats, leafminer flies, thrips, and apple maggot flies. Simply spread it on old cardboard, milk cartons, plastic sheets, or on our Apple Maggot Traps and place the traps in your garden, orchards, and greenhouses. 10 oz. aerosol covers 5 sq. feet, 15 oz. paste covers up to 3.5 sq. ft, 25 lb paste covers up to 93 sq ft, one quart brushable covers up to 46.5 sq. ft, and 1 gallon covers up to 186 sq ft.

268601Tangle Trap Insect Trap Coating 15 oz (clear, paste)$11.70
268621Tangle Trap Insect Trap Coating 7 lbs. (clear, paste)$62.50
268651Tangle Trap Insect Trap Coating 25 lbs. (clear, paste)$168.89
268701Tangle Trap Insect Trap Coating 10 oz. Aerosol$14.99
268901Tangle Trap Insect Trap Coating 8 oz. (clear, w/ brush)$10.20
268921Tangle Trap Insect Trap Coating 1 qt. (clear, brush-on) $24.50
268941Tangle Trap Insect Trap Coating 1 gal. (clear, brush-on) $70.95
268951Tangle Trap Insect Trap Coating 1 gal. (clear), 4/cs$233.64

Tangle-Trap Insect Trap Coating aerosol and brushable formulas contain petroleum distilates and are classified as flammable by the DOT. These items can only be shipped UPS Ground. The US Post Office will not receive flammable items.

* This item will ship separately from other items ordered

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