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Japanese Beetle Trap

The Trece company once manufactured this trap for the Tanglefoot company. Now that Tanglefoot is no longer in the picture, we are getting these traps directly from Trece.

The Japanese Beetle Trap is highly efficient because of its four-finned (omnidirectional) shape, smooth polypropylene surface, scientifically tapered cone, and attractive, permanent yellow color.

Trapped beetles cannot fly vertically out of the container, yet its wide mouth permits easy emptying when detached from the trap. Beetles cannot chew their way through it as they have been know to do with plastic bags. The slight additional weight helps the Tanglefoot Japanese Beetle Trap to remain vertical in a brisk breeze while the many slots permit rainwater to drain out and air to go through. It's economical, too, because it is durable and reusable.

One of the most important benefits of the slotted container is that it permits the odor of dead and dying beetles to dissipate. As in other traps, if the odor of decaying beetles is allowed to grow to the point of competing with the double-lure floral aromas, it could actually repel beetles instead of attracting them.

A stand is an important element in your trapping set-up. We recommend using a shephard's hook, available at most garden centers, to hang your Japanese Beetle Trap.

259101 Japanese Beetle Trap $24.95
259181 Trece Japanese Beetle Bait & Lure, 1/pk $5.96

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