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Safer Japanese Beetle Traps

Japanese Beetle Trap Be prepared for the arrival of Japanese beetles in early summer with this dual-scented lure trap. Hang the traps in a tree or from one of our 3 piece 48" tall (3/16" diameter) galvanized steel trap stands 25-50 feet downwind of the beetles' target plants before the beetles emerge.

Place one trap for every 50 ft. of linear growing area. The floral lure attracts the females while the pheromone lure brings in the males. Recycle the dead beetles in your compost pile. Replace the lures after 4-6 weeks, bags as needed.

Kit includes Japanese Beetle Trap, one bag and one lure. Stand sold separately.

219201  Safer Japanese Beetle Trap Kit, ea (0.5#)            $7.70
219301  Safer Japanese Beetle Trap Stand (0.6#)              $6.30
219401  Safer Japanese Beetle Replacement Bags, 3/pk (0.2#)  $5.05
219501  Safer Japanese Beetle Replacement Lure, 1/pk (0.1#)  $5.05

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