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Kitchen Fruit Fly Trap

Kitchen Fruit Fly Trap is designed to discreetly capture the fruit flies that contaminate fruits & vegetables in your home. These effective, non-toxic traps kill fruit flies so they cannot reproduce.

Dead flies remain out of sight inside the decorative container, which is similar in appearance to a spice jar and blends in with kitchen or dining room decor. Lure gives off a mild, pleasant, fruity odor that attracts fruit flies into the disposable jar where they become trapped and drown.

Use trap near fruit bowls, indoor garbage cans or those places where kitchen scraps are kept. Each disposable trap will work up to six weeks under normal conditions.

Completely safe for use around food products.

Kitchen Fruit Fly Trap Kitchen Fruit Fly Trap

238401BioCare Kitchen Fruit Fly Trap, 2/pk$10.50
238331Replacement Fruit Fly Lure, 3/pkg$3.50
238341Replacement Fruit Fly Lure, 3/pkg, 12/cs$39.90


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