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BioCare Clothes Moth Trap

BioCare Clothes Moth Trap The BioCare Clothes Moth Trap attracts and captures adult male webbing clothes moth. THIS TRAP SIGNALS WHEN A DAMAGING INFESTATION IS PRESENT; IT DOES NOT CONTROL LARVAE WITH FEED ON CLOTHING! Clothes moths occasionally occur in homes where the larvae damage clothing and personal objects made of wool, hair, fur, or feathers. Female moths are especially attracted to oily or soiled fabrics, where they lay their eggs. The moths avoid light and are therefore difficult to find and identify.

The BioCare Clothes Moth Trap catches webbing cloths moth during their mating season by using a natural pheromone lure. If moths are found in the trap, take immediate measures to control the larvae. Search out damaged fabrics and destroy, dry clean or freeze them (in a deep freeze for at least 14 days).

If your traps show you have an infestation of clothes moths, you can also dust the closet with Diatomaceous Earth (DE) or spray the closet with Kleen Free Enzymes, and wash all of the clothes in the effected area with Kleen Free Enzymes.

Easy Instructions:
Peel release paper from the sticky pad (in case of contact, remove glue with vegetable oil). Open foil pouch. Do not touch lure. Drop one lure on each sticky pad. Curl each sticky pad (sticky side up) and slide into trap.

230401   BioCare Clothes Moth Trap, 2/pkg (0.2#)    $7.95
230411   BioCare Clothes Moth Trap, 12/cs (1.5#)   $91.20


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