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Clothes Moth Alert Clothes Moth Alert
Traps Clothes Moths

Protect your clothes and furnishings from costly moth damage. This trap is designed to alert you to a potential problem, and is designed to trap adult moths NOT the larvae which do the actual damage. Moth infestation require clothing to be thoroughly cleaned by dry cleaning or in a washing machine. You may also freeze items a week in a standard freezer. Rugs and furniture should be steamed-cleaned. Follow instructions to hand traps at eye level in closets and rooms to be protected. Use one or two traps for an average size room. Replace traps after 12 weeks.

If your traps show you have an infestation of clothes moths, you can dust the closet with Diatomaceous Earth (DE) or spray the closet with Kleen Free Enzyme Cleaner, and wash all of the clothes in the effected area with Kleen Free Enzyme Cleaner.

364201Safer Clothes Moth Alert Trap$6.95
364211Safer Clothes Moth Alert Trap, 12/cs$79.95


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