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Veggie Cage

The Veggie Cage is a new, spiral shaped tomato cage and vegetable plant support guaranteed to support even large plants. Its made from durable polypropylene and expands up to seven feet tall and works with any tomato stake. (Stake not included). Best of all... at the end of the season it has a memory and flattens out to store away easily for the next season.

Usable on any vine plants including beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, and even decorative flowers. Retractable and reusable year after year. Cage supports tall plants and vines quickly and easily. Expands to 7 foot tall. Durable cage stores flat after the season ends saving you wasted space taken up by wire cages that tend to Rust. Can also be used for growing snow peas, pole beans, cucumbers, and vining plants such as morning glories and clematis. Could even be used to support a Dahlia .

  • If you enjoy growing your own tomatoes, but dread the chore of tying the plants to a tomato stake . . .
  • If you've ever had to chase around tomato cages after a spring storm . . .
  • If you're frustrated with tomato cages that only support the bottom half of your tomato plants . . .
  • If you want an attractive alternative to metal cages . . .

    ... you'll love the Veggie Cage

    Benefits of the Veggie Cage:

  • System expands up to 7 feet. When properly staked, your tomato plants will never fall over.
  • Avoid tying and retying through the tomato growing season. Our tomato cages encourage the plants to naturally conform to the shape of the cages.
  • Constructed of a "garden green" polypropylene that literally disappears within the foliage as the plant shoots skyward. In addition, this system is crafted from durable plastic that will not rust.
  • Durable enough to last many growing seasons.
  • Collapse the tomato cage system back to nearly-flat for easy and compact storage. You will then be ready for another season of effortless plant support.
  • Works great for peas, snow peas, cucumbers, dahlias - even a freestanding "morning glory tower".

    Collapses and stores away at the end of the season in coil form

    418801 Veggie Cage              $9.95  OUT OF STOCK
    418803 Veggie Cage, 3 pack     $24.05  OUT OF STOCK
    418805 Veggie Cage, 5 pack     $36.50  OUT OF STOCK
    Unfortunately, the Veggie will be unavailable until further notice. Ask about Tomato Rings.

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