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Harvest-Guard Row Covers

Pond & Pool Netting • This floating row cover traps heat and moisture to produce bigger, better and earlier crop yields
• Protects against frost, insects and birds
• Easy to use - "floats" over crops without support

Usage ideas:
Vegetable gardens, strawberry rows, can also use on newly-sown grass

How to use:
Ultra lightweight cover "floats" over plants. Prevents light frost damage allowing for a longer growing season. Stops insect, bird and animal damage.

For garden and plant protection:
• Prepare garden plot and plant seeds, seedlings, and young plants.
• Unfold Harvest-Guard Cover to desired length (cut in sections if necessary).
• Drape cover loosely over seed bed or plants to allow plenty of slack for plants which grow upright (like tomatoes and peppers).
• Secure Cover to ground every 6-8 ft. using Garden Staples, nails, rocks, etc.

Securing Cover:
• When using Garden Staples, stones or wooden strips, simply affix Cover to ground.
• When using pegs, stakes or nails, fold material twice so that four "layers" of material are penetrated for good holding strength.

For frost protection:
• To protect crops from severe frost, use double layer (e.g.-25 ft. length doubled will cover 12.5 ft.).
• Single layer protects as low as 29 degrees F; double layer protects as low as 26 degrees F.
• Remove second layer as temperatures warm up.

For insect and bird protection:
• Bury all edges 2-4 inches under the soil on each side of the row and at the end.
• Tamp soil down to secure fabric.
• If easy access is required, substitute lengths of lumber (like 2"x4"s) to weigh down the sides of the cover on 3 sides; 4th side should be buried.
• Rows can usually stay covered until weather becomes warm or until pollination is required.

NOTES: Protects as low as 29 degrees F (26 degrees F if double layer). For stopping weeds use a porous plastic film along with Cover to eliminate weed growth.

For Best Results:
- For crops that must be pollinated, Cover should be removed periodically during blossom-time.
- Research shows that the Cover, plastic film and mulch used together results in increased harvests and healthier plants.
- Leave Cover in place 3 to 8 weeks in spring until all danger of frost and cool weather has passed.
- A minimum of 3 to 4 weeks of coverage is required for increased crop benefits.
- Remove Cover from tomatoes and peppers, etc., when mid-day temperatures consistently reach 80 degrees F or higher (vining crops can tolerate slightly higher temperatures).
- Remove Cover when temperatures reach 85 degrees F.
- Extend the fall growing season for crops vulnerable to early frosts by replacing the Cover.

386401Harvest-Guard Row Cover, 5' x 25'$11.95
386411Harvest-Guard Row Cover, 5' x 25', 12/cs$119.90
386421Harvest-Guard Row Cover, 5' x 50'$24.95
386431Harvest-Guard Row Cover, 5' x 50', 6/cs$124.90


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