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LaMotte Turf Lab Field Unit
Model TL-2
Ideal For Grounds Maintenance And Landscape Professionals

Today's turf specialists have a great deal of new technology at their disposal. Developments in machinery, seeds, and turfgrass research have resulted in greater plant response rates and more productive turf management programs.

The Turf Lab test kit offers a unique method for colorimetric analysis of turf soils. nutrients are measured as clear liquid-extracts and are read against translucent color standards in an Octa-Slide comparator. This method gives a reliable, efficient, and practical way of measuring soil nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, iron and pH. Another advancement is available with the potassium test, which uses a turbidity tube calibrated to read directly in pounds per acre for low to high values. Analyses of calcium and magnesium are conducted with Direct Reading Titrators.

The Model TL-2 and the corresponding Reagent Refills have been discontinued.
The recommended replacement kit is Model STH 7.

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