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Organic Matter Test Kit
Model ST-OR

Organic matter is important to soil in that it serves as a reservoir for moisture and nutrients which will eventually become available to the plant.

Model Method Range &Sensitivity Reagent System # of Tests
ST-OR Large-scale buret titration 0-16% by wt. Organic Matter Acid-Dichrom are mixture, 5 reagents 25

513011Model ST-OR, Organic Matter Test Kit$445.15
513021Model ST-OR, Organic Matter Test Kit, Refill$154.50

Model ST-OR Organic Mater Test Kit
*There is a 20% restocking fee on this product.

The Model ST-OR and the Reagent Refill have a 10 to 15 day lead time
and will ship separately from other items ordered.

Note: This test kit ships in two boxes and a $28.50 Hazardous Materials Charge
accompanies the box that houses the reagents.
This charge does not show up on the Shopping Cart and will be added to the invoice.

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