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LaMotte Electronic Soil Lab
Model SCL-12 and SCL-15

This LaMotte soil test kit measures the portion of the soil nutrient that would be available for the plant to use. Since extraction is not complete, the amount that is measured is relative, dependent on the extraction procedure. Pound per acre represents the number of pounds of soil in an acre to the plow depth of 6-7 inches, or 2,000,000 lbs.

Unit Conversion Factors:

Results can be measured using a choice of units, explained here. Part per million (ppm), pounds/acre, and Kg/hectare units can be converted to each other using these values:

AreaSoil DepthSoil Weight
1 acre6-7 inches2 mil lbs.
1 hectare15-18 cm2.25 mil Kg

A number of variables must be considered when interpreting soil test results in addition to the values obtained. These variables include the composition of the soil, drainage, climate, previous fertilizer programs, and the type of plant to be grown. Samples must also be truly representative of the area being studied and must be carefully selected.

Electronic Soil Lab

The SCL-12 electronic soil lab is designed to provide the landowner, consultant, or fertilizer specialist with a method for achieving immediate and economical soil analyses in the field without sacrificing accuracy. The SCL-12 soil lab is a self-contained, electronic soil analysis laboratory that provides accurate answers anywhere for fifteen soil factors, including available forms of macronutrients and critical micronutrients.

The Smart 2 Colorimeter instantly analyzes color reactions developed in nutrient tests and gives a Percent Transmittance readout. By using Transmittance readings, broad test ranges can be read with maximum sensitivity and without need for visual color comparison. Calibration charts convert the Percent Transmittance readings to parts per million (ppm) or pounds per acre (lbs/acre) for each nutrient - no further calculations are neccessary.

Model SCL, Electronic Soil Lab

The simplified test procedures provide at least 20 tests for each soil nutrient. Each accurately standardized system is furnished in an individual plastic module for quick distinction. All tests are performed in minutes on easy-to-prepare soil extracts, based on Mehlich I extraction.

Critical soil pH measurements are performed quickly and reliably with a battery-powered pH 5 meter. The meter measures the pH of a one-to-one solution of soil and distilled water over the range of 0-14 pH units to a sensitivity of 0.01 pH. Soluble Salt levels in soils and irrigation waters are monitored accurately with a TDS 5 meter measuring Dissolved Salts from 0-999+ ppm.

Colorimeter TestsMethodRange*# Tests
Nitrate Nitrogen*Cadmium Reduction0-150 lbs/acre20
Nitrite NitrogenDiazotization0-70 lbs/acre20
Ammonia Nitrogen*Nesslerization0-150 lbs/acre50
Phosphorus*Ascorbic Acid Reduction0-98 lbs/acre50
Potassium*Tetraphenylboron0-500 lbs/acre100
SulfurBarium Chloride0-167 ppm50
CopperDiethyldithiocarbamate0-25 ppm100
IronBipyrdal0-25 ppm50
ManganesePeriodate0-75 ppm50
ZincZincon0-15 ppm50

Direct Reading Titrator Tests:
Calcium0-4000 lbs/acre50
Magnesium0-2400 lbs/acre50
Chlorides0-1000 lbs/acre50

Battery-powered Meters:
pH 5pH 0-14
TDS 50-99.9 ppm;
100-999 ppm;
1.00-9.99 ppt

(*See table above for unit conversion factors)

522101SMART 3 Electronic Soil Lab SCL-12$3376.15
512801SMART 3 Electronic Soil Lab w/o meters, SCL-15$2283.00
512811SMART 3 Soil Lab Refill $461.90

LaMotte SMART 3 Electronic Soil Lab is not available at this time
*There is a 20% restocking fee on this product.

The Model SCL-12, Model SCL-15, and the corresponding Reagent Refills have a 10 to 15 day lead time and will ship separately from other items ordered.

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