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Plant Tissue Testing Kits
Model PT-3R, Macronutrient Plant Tissue Test Kit
Model PT-04, Micronutrient Plant Tissue Test Kit

Plant tissue testing provides essential information concerning plant use of nutrients critical to their growth. These simplified field tests for green plant tissue indicate whether growing plants are receiving adequate amounts of available nutrients from the soil. All tests give qualitative results for the specific nutrients. By comparing test results from healthy and problem plants, it is possible to pinpoint deficiencies or excessive nutrient conditions.

Model PT-3R
Macronutrient Plant Tissue Test Kit

A complete kit for determining nitrates, phosphorus and potassium in plant tissue. Diced green plant tissue is saturated in a Universal Extracting Solution to prepare a single liquid extract for use with all three tests. Quantitative results given as abundant, adequate, deficient only. Reagents for 50 tests per factor.

Model PT-3R, Macronutrient Plant Tissue Test Kit

Model PT-04
Micronutrient Plant Tissue Test Kit

Includes tests for ferrous and ferric iron, zinc, copper, manganese, and boron. Each test is made from the sap of plant tissues, which is extracted by squeezing the tissue with pliers. Comparative tests are made between a healthy plant and a similar one showing deficiency symptoms. "Spot" tests indicate presence or absence only. Reagents for 50 tests each factor.

Model PT-04, Micronutrient Plant Tissue Test Kit

512701Model PT-3R (Plant Tissue Macronutrient Kit)$133.55
512711Model PT-3R - (Reagent Refill)$122.35
512601Model PT-04 (Plant Tissue Micronutrient Kit)$149.70
512611Model PT-04 (Reagent Refill)$141.00

We apologize, we cannot accept orders for these items at this time
*There is a 20% restocking fee on this product.

The Model PT-3R, Model PT-04 and the corresponding Reagent Refills have a 10 to 15 day lead time and will ship separately from other items ordered.

The test kits ship in two boxes and only can ship ground.

Note: The Model PT-3R is subject to $28.50 Hazardous Materials Charge. It accompanies the box that houses the reagents. This charge does not show up on the Shopping Cart and will be added to the invoice.

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