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Hydroponics Combination Outfit
Model AM-41
A portable outfit with simplified testing of nine essential nutrients at an economical price. Colorimetric tests use Octet Comparators with permanent color standards for accurate visual color comparison. Simplified titration procedures use specially calibrated Direct Reading Titrators. Qualitative tissue tests for each nutrient are also available. Reagents for 50 tests per factor are supplied. An operator's manual and 75-page handbook are included.

Octet Comparator Tests
pHpH 4.8-7.6
Nitrate Nitrogen5-200 ppm*
Ammonia Nitrogen1-8 ppm
Phosphorus3-30 ppm
Sulfate0-200 ppm
* By dilution

Direct Reading Titrator Tests
Calcium0-2000 ppm
Magnesium0-1200 ppm

Direct Read Turbidity Tube
Potassium0-250 ppm

Spot Test For Detection of
Ironat 0.25 ppm

The Model AM-41 has been discontinued.
Recommended replacement is Hydroponics 4-in-1 Test Kit

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