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A Word About Soil

"The soil feeds the plant, and the plant feeds us, for generations to come" is a poignant quote from Bob Cantissano, delivered at the LISA Conference in Tucson at the University of Arizona in 1990. There is no doubt that the place to start with your traditional, transitional, or organic farm is with the soil.

To become land stewards we must realize that the soil is alive. The living organisms in the soil represent the key to plant health and to human health. Soil microorganisms are the essential link between mineral reserves and plant growth. Ecological soil management aims at assisting all soil organisms not substituting them with a simplified chemical system. When synthetic chemicals are applied to the soil, essential microorganisms are eliminated, thus interrupting Nature's delicate balance.

We encourage everyone to learn about the soil and how the soil works. To learn about your soil we recommend a soil analysis. There are many types of soil tests available. Some provide information relating strictly to the minerals in your soil. Others provide information on the soil nutrients available to your plants or crops. Once this is determined, Biocontrol Network is able to offer recommendations on what steps to take to improve soil conditions so that your plants or crops can be as healthy as possible.

Encourage microbial growth yourself by adding your own compost to the soil. If you are able, support the system by using Green Manures as fertilizers. This will provide food for a healthier plant and in turn, makes it possible for the plant to naturally resist pest insect problems.

Fertilizers and Soil Amendments

The soil section of our catalog is devoted to creating healthy living soil. We have included fertilizers, soil amendments, micronutrients, and foliar spraying materials that will enhance soils and plants for the traditional, transitional and organic grower. If you do not find a product you prefer to use, please call for pricing and availability.

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