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Fossilized Seabird Guano: 0-9-0

For all houseplants, vegetables, bulbs, shrubs and any living plant!

Fossilized Seabird Guano (0-9-0) promotes healthy root growth and bud development as well as increasing the available phosphorous in the soil.

Contains very little nitrogen.

Apply 1 tsp. / 4" diameter container or 2 lbs. / 100 sq. ft.
Two to three heaping tbsp. per vegetable transplant hole.
Seed starter mix; 1 lb. Fossilized Seabird Guano / 5 gallon volume of potting soil.

310201Fossilized Seabird Guano: 0-9-0, 2 lbs$7.90
310221Fossilized Seabird Guano: 0-9-0, 5 lbs$12.90UNAVAILABLE
310231Fossilized Seabird Guano: 0-9-0, 10 lbs$23.50
310251Fossilized Seabird Guano: 0-9-0, 25 lbs$37.50


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