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Pro-Start 2-3-3 was originally designed as a winterizing blend for lawns and grass hay fields. However, over the years it has proved to be an excellent choice for root crops, legume vegetables, perennials, flowering shrubs, mature fruit trees, legume hays (as a summer topdress), and especially as a starter fertilizer for any kind of seed. Many of our landscape customers use Pro-Start 2-3-3 exclusively for all of their new installations.

A blend of natural ingredients, including rock phosphate, compost, oyster meal, kelp meal, greensand, dried whey, natural nitrate of soda.

How it works:
Pro-Start concentrates below the soil, toughening plants for winter stress, and promoting the development of healthy root systems.

General usage:
Use as a starter fertilizer or winterizer. As a winterizing fertilizer apply to lawns, fields, vegetable gardens, perennial borders, flowering shrubs, mature fruit trees late in the season. As a starter fertilizer, work into potting mixture, add to transplant holes or apply to new seedbed after seeding. Great for giving transplanted seedlings, shrubs or trees a good start.

Directions for use:
Application rate vary depending on type of use.

202201  Pro-Start 2-3-3, 25 lb (27#)       $19.90  
202232  Pro-Start 2-3-3, 50 lb (52#)       $31.80      


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