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Beneficial Nematodes
For Flea Control

Beneficial Nematodes are microscopic, nonsegmented worms that occur naturally in soil all around the world. Steinernema carpocapsae and Steinernema feltiae prey soil dwelling insects. Once they are released, the nematodes seek out host insects and enter their prey through body openings and emit an endo-toxin that results in death for the host insect within 48 hours. The nematodes reproduce and their offspring feed on the insect cadaver and emerge to seek out new hosts.

For Flea control: Apply liberally over area around where pet sleeps or frequents, using a garden sprayer of alternate method of dispersion. Less than 5% of the flea population are adults at any one time. Steinernema sp. hunt and destroy pre-adult flea stages that live in the soil until maturity, when they seek a blood meal from you or your pet. Control begins within 24 hours of treatment and lasts for up to several months.

See Beneficial Nematodes in the Beneficial Insects & Organisms section for pricing.

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