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OdorzOut Foot Powder

OdorzOut Foot Powder

OdorzOut Foot Powder is an All Natural way to rid your feet of unwanted odors.

OdorzOut Foot Powder has no odor of its own. It doesn't mask, perfume, or cover up the odor, it just eliminates it!

Just open the bottle, sprinkle lightly into your shoes when you take them off at night. Leave the Odorzout inside your shoes until morning, shake out, and your feet will stay odor-free and dry all day.

OdorzOut Foot Powder is excellent for use in athletic shoes, including, but not limited to:

  • hockey skates
  • golf shoes
  • running shoes
  • roller blades
  • hiking boots
  • cowboy boots
  • etc.

    Works great in work gloves, police vests, hockey gloves, football gear and more. A must for the avid sportsman.

    OdorzOut Foot Powder may be used directly on your feet. Excellent for runners and joggers as it absorbs moisture and odors.

    OdorzOut Foot Powder has allowed many people to enjoy taking off their shoes, once again, without worrying about offending foot odor.

    OdorzOut Foot Powder can stop embarrassing odors and help prevent moisture related problems. Freedom to take your shoes off in public is just a sprinkle away!

    If the shoe fits, make sure to use Odorzout in it!!

    OdorzOut Foot Powder is a natural mineral (100% Natural Zeolite Minerals) which has high ion exhcange capacity to trap and eliminate odors like a magnet. Try it in a soothing footbath, keeps feet dry and shoes odor free.

    It is ground to a fine powder and need only be used sparingly.

    It is safe for children as well as adults.

    For soothing foot bath
    Add 3 to 5 tablespoons to warm water in basin and soak for 5 to 15 minutes.

    508801  OdorzOut Foot Powder, 142 grams (1#)    $5.95   OUT OF STOCK


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