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Shipping Guidelines

Payment Options & Terms | Shipping Policies | Shipping Guidelines
  1. Your order will be double-checked by a Biocontrol Network representative, and you will receive an email reply confirming your order. You will be informed if any adjustments are required. (Live organisms may require special handling.) Certain items may need to ship separately and may require shipping adjustments, due to size, shape, or point of origin. Product orders under $20 are subject to $1.95 processing fee. Proceeding to Checkout presumes you understand these terms.

  2. Certain "specialty" bugs are subject to availability. Specialty bugs are delivered from the producer once a week, and orders are re-shipped to customers the same day they arrive at our distribution center. We make every effort to fulfill orders as soon as possible. Specialty bugs need to be ordered by noon Thursday be fulfilled the following Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Still, certain bugs are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee that there will always be enough to go around.

  3. Beneficial insects, mites and nematodes must ship via Second Day or Next Day Air, except in special cases. Earthworms and praying mantis egg cases may be shipped via U.S. Priority Mail, most of the year. FedEx is preferred during the Summer months. (Please be aware that Priority Mail is not a guaranteed service, and we will not be responsible for lost or late shipments.)

    Live products ship on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (2nd Day), and Thursday (Overnight) only. Overnight service may be necessary in order to insure live delivery. Orders received Wednesday afternoon, Thursday or Friday will ship the following week, except for Overnight shipments, which must be confirmed. Do not assume that a request for 2nd Day or Overnight shipping will ship the same day, or even the following day. Usually, an email order will receive a response stating the projected ship date. During a phone order, the ship date will be discussed. If in doubt, please call or write to confirm.

    (Certain "specialty" bugs are shipped only on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.)

  4. Some beneficial insect suppliers ship only via Federal Express, and some suppliers ship only via UPS. We will inform you when there is no choice in shipping method. However, if you have a reason to prefer one carrier over another we will do what we can to fulfill your request. If using the shopping cart, please indicate the reason for a specific shipping preference in the Special Instructions box.

  5. For mixed orders (live organisms and other goods), you will receive 2 or more shipments. Separate shipping charges will apply.We will do our best to combine products to save you shipping expense wherever possible. Certain non-insect items may be shippable with insects.)

  6. The Shipping Tables are "estimated" based on shipping rates from our principal warehouse location. Some items may require that they ship separately and some items ship from different locations (insects, for instance), so charges may vary.

  7. All courier services (UPS/FedEx/DHL) charge shipping by dimensional weight (L x W x H) vs. actual weight for expedited shipments . If the dimensional weight of your order is higher than the actual weight, the shopping cart may inaccurately quote your estimated shipping. A sales representative will review your order and make appropriate adjustments.

  8. Shipments totalling more than 200 lbs will usually be shipped by truck, in which case, UPS rates do not apply. Call for freight rates.

  9. International Shipments:
    Biocontrol Network has no way of estimating additional charges that may be required to release goods from Customs. Local importation fees, duties and taxes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the buyer/receiver.

    We are not responsible for Customs regulations which may restrict entry of certain goods. We will supply the appropriate documentation (i.e. MSDS), as applicable.

    Beneficial Insects & organisms cannot be shipped internationally without the an importation permit held by the recipient.

  10. For AK, HI and overseas shipments, call for shipping charges.

  11. We do our best to get orders cleared for shipment expeditiously. If there will be a delay of more than three days for Ground shipments or one day for express shipments, we will contact the customer with the estimated ship date.

  12. We cannot guarantee that Overnight or Second Day shipping requests will be shipped the same day the order was placed. However, given time, we will always do our best to move it out for you.

  13. There is a $15 surcharge for Saturday Delivery by UPS and Federal Express.

    Saturday Delivery is only possible for items shipped Priority Overnight on Friday. Saturday Delivery is available only in certain metropolitan areas of the USA. Saturday delivery zones must be confirmed through UPS / FedEx prior to acceptance.

  14. ADDRESS ACCURACY: Both UPS and Federal Express charge $6.00 for address correction on Ground shipments, and $10 for address correction on Express shipments (3 Day, 2 Day & Overnight) if correction is made after package has shipped. Please be sure to include all pertinent information, including apartment number, floor number, room number, etc.

    Incorrect shipping addresses (wrong house #, wrong zip, missing apartment #, etc) will incur charges that will be passed on to the customer, unless the error is clearly our fault.

    If the carrier charges for an address correction and you disagree, you must produce proof of your claim. We will not argue such cases with the carrier unless they have clearly charged in error and we have documentation.

  15. Perishable shipments sent via USPS Priority Mail at customer's request will not be replaced if they arrive DOA.

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