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Email Order Form

Payment Options & Terms | Shipping Policies | Shipping Guidelines
Minimum Orders: Orders under $20.00 (excluding shipping and handling) will be charged a $1.95 service fee.

Please make note of the Item #, Description, Quantity, Shipping Weight and Prices of all items in your order along with a complete shipping address, email address and daytime telephone number.

The Sample Email Order Form will show you how we would like your order to be presented. Copy the sample form and paste it onto your email page to use as a template. (You may wish to maximize the email window)

Date: date of order
Customer #: if you have never ordered before, leave blank
Purchase Order: if required, otherwise leave blank
Email Address: your return email address
Daytime Phone: where you can be reached during the day
Alt Phone: other numbers, i.e. fax, etc.
Name: your full name
Company: if appropriate
Mailing Address: just what it says
Shipping Address: if different from above (to receive UPS, FEDEX, Airborne, etc.)
Payment Method: Check, Money Order, VISA, MC, AMEX, Discover. see Payment Options & Terms
Credit Card #: (First 8 digits of credit card number now)
(Remaining digits of credit card number in a separate email)
Expiration Date: credit card expiration date
CCV Code: credit card verification number
(FOR VISA, MASTERCARD and DINERS: The verification number is a 3-digit number printed on the back of your card. It appears after and to the right of your card number.)
(FOR AMERICAN EXPRESS: The American Express verification number is a 4-digit number printed on the front of your card. It appears after and to the right of your card number.)

Item #: item number from catalog listing
Description: description from catalog listing
Qty: quantity
Unit: package size (i.e. pint, quart, 2lb., 10lb., pkg, set, each, etc.)
Wt.: shipping weight (e.g. 2# = 2 lbs.)
Price: unit price from catalog listing
Ext.: multiply unit price times quantity
(repeat items are needed)
Subtotal: add up the ext. column
Sales tax: Tennessee customers add 9.25% sales tax.
Shipping Method: choose from below
Domestic USA - UPS Ground, UPS 3 Day, UPS 2 Day, UPS Overnight, FedEx 3 Day, FedEx 2 Day, FedEx Overnight, U.S. Priority Mail, U.S. Express Mail
International - UPS International, FedEx International, DHL, common air freight, U.S. Global Parcel Air Mail, U.S. Global Parcel Surface Mail
Shipping Cost: estimated cost or leave blank
Total: total cost of order

mailto: orders@biconet.com

If your browser does not support the Mailto: function (and if you are here, chances are it does not), please submit your order using regular email. Please put the word "Order" in the Subject field.

Usually within 24 hours you will receive a confirmation of your order.

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