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Steps you should take:

1.Children and pregnant women should take care to avoid exposure when practical.

2. If possible, remain inside or avoid the area whenever spraying takes place and for about 30 minutes after spraying. That time period will greatly reduce the likelihood of your breathing pesticide in air.

Note: Anvil 2+2® has a pungent aromatic odor similar to the smell of mothballs. If you come home and smell this odor get inside. Sun breaks this pesticide down so it may be best to avoid walking outside, if possible, until the sun has been out a while the next day. Dr. Robert Wingfield, Chemistry Professor/Environmental Educator at Fisk University, warned, “Although the Health Department recommends staying in for 30 minutes after spraying, as a chemist, I would recommend avoiding the area for 24 hours.”

3. Close windows and doors and turn off window air-conditioning units or close their vents to circulate indoor air before spraying begins. Windows and window air-conditioner vents can be reopened 30 minutes or more after spraying.

4. If you come in direct contact with Anvil spray, protect your eyes. If you get Anvil spray in your eyes, immediately rinse them with water. Wash exposed skin. Wash clothes that come in direct contact with spray separately from other laundry.

5. Consult your health care provider if you think you are experiencing health effects from spraying.

Steps you may want to take to reduce exposure:

1. If spraying just occurred, minimize your contact with surfaces and wash skin that has come in contact with these surfaces.

2. Pick homegrown fruits and vegetables you expect to eat soon before spraying takes place. Rinse homegrown fruits and vegetables (in fact, all produce) thoroughly with water before cooking or eating.

3. Cover outdoor tables and play equipment before spraying or wash them off with detergent and water after they have been sprayed.

4. Bring laundry and small toys inside before spraying begins (wash with detergent and water if exposed to Anvil during spraying).

5. Bring pet food and water dishes inside, and cover ornamental fishponds to avoid direct exposure.*


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*WARNING: Anvil is toxic to bees, fish and other aquatic life. (Source: Anvil Fact Sheet.) The EPA prohibits the direct application of products to open water or within 100 feet of lakes, streams, rivers or bays. Violations should be documented and reported to the EPA

You also should print out an incident report, located on this site, to report dead fish or any other adverse effects to wildlife, pets or citizens which you feel may be related to spraying. It is important that all adverse effects from spraying are documented.


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