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Non-toxic, effective ways to get mosquitoes to quit bugging you

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Educational flyer about spider management.


From the Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service Store clothing in sealed plastic bags or storage boxes.

Store shows in plastic shoe boxes.

Shake clothing and shoes before wearing.

Move beds away from walls or curtains.

Remove bedshirts from box springs.

Do not use bedspreads that touch or come close to the floor.

Inspect bedding before climbing into bed.

Place glueboards or sticky traps under each bedpost.

Excerpts from Tennessean Article October, 12, 2010
The Brown Recluse comes crawling
Venom is not toxic for most, but can be deadly

"Dr. Saralyn Williams, a medical toxicologist with the Tennessee Poison Center, said that the vast majority of people have nothing to fear from brown recluses. About 90 percent of people who are bitten by one don't have any significant reaction. They might experience some itching, redness and a small scab at the site, she said....

It's what happens to the unlucky 10 percent that gives rise to the horror stories....

Cook thinks brown recluses gets a bad rap. He said people are typically only bitten after they've accidentally injured the spider. Common scenarios include rolling over on one during sleep or putting on a shirt from the closet that the spider's been living in.

"They aren't seeking us out," Cook said. "Brown recluses aren't aggressive. They're really kind of a docile spider."

If you are bitten, Williams advises elevating the affected area and applying ice to reduce pain. There is no anti-venom to treat brown recluse bites, so Williams said doctors treat the wounds the same way they treat burns. In cases where large amounts of tissue have died, skin grafts can be performed for cosmetic reasons.

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Risks: West Nile versus Pesticide Use
Why other cities have chosen not to spray
Non-toxic, effective ways to get mosquitoes to quit bugging you
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